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Destilerías J.L FERRERO

Destilerías J.L FERRERO

This distillery was founded in the first half of the 20th century, specifically in the year 1932, in the town of Beneixama (ALICANTE), with the name of “Destilerías Molina”. Currently, this company is called “Destilerías J.L FERRERO”, which has been devoted to the production of traditional liqueurs from the province of ALICANTE.

The characteristic icon of this company is the “HERBERO DE LA SIERRA DE MARIOLA”. This drink is covered by the Regulating Council of Traditional Spirits of Alicante.

For the elaboration of this product, we use a meticulous selection of the most aromatic herbs of the Sierra de Mariola, following the tradition of our ancestors.


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Phone: 965822156

Fax: 965821506

Web: www.herberoferrero.es

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It is a family business founded in 1940 by Juan Bta. Alonso Llín dedicated to the production of liqueurs and spirits.

Liqueur Doblón stands out for the manufacture of Herbero, an exquisite aniseed drink macerated with aromatic herbs from the Sierra de Mariola. The careful selection of the herbs and the improved recipe over time, makes the Dober Herbal one of the most appreciated in our area.

For its presentation, the company offers a collection of bottles of different capacities and personalized designs for each client, ideal as a detail for any event or occasion.

Contact Information:

Pol. Ind. La Casilla, C/ Camino de Caudete s/n, nave 2 – 03460 Beneixama (Alicante)

Phone: 965 82 21 59 – Fax: 965 82 21 36

Email: heladosalonso@hotmail.com

Web: www.licoresdoblon.com