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Cultural center

The building dedicated to local associations, is located on Dr. Silvestre Street, number 1. The name of Cultural Center, arises from the new “tenants” for which it was to be occupied and that give it the characteristic of cultural , because it is the “residence” that houses the vast majority of local associations. These are considered essential elements in the local culture of Beneixama, without which, we would not have as much cultural and sports offer as the one currently enjoyed by the municipality.

This property is emblematic in our town, its facilities have hosted different uses: from the primitive Barracks of the Guardia Civil from the beginning-mid-twentieth century, through the Youth Center, Youth Home, through which generations of young people have passed, or the facilities of the post offices, (hence the building among the locals is known as “Correus”). Or until recently the headquarters of the Musical Society “La Pau”, which have formed many of the local musicians who are now part of the Music Band, until they moved their dependencies to the Polivalente Social Center, municipal building also ceded to this association and the music school, attached to the Conservatory of Villena.

At present the associations are their tenants, for it had to submit to the building to an intense reform, from the shoring and change of beams and reinforcement of the internal structure, change of windows, new furniture, as well as the new arrangement that observe The inauguration was held on December 6, 2003, coinciding with the commemorative events of the Constitution Day.

The different associations hosted are those listed below:

  • Association of Housewives.
  • Dance Group of Beneixama.
  • Colla de Dimonis Emplomats.
  • Hunting Club.
  • Chess Club.
  • Commission of Moors and Christians Festivities.
  • Beneixama Football Team.
  • Grup de Muntanya.
  • Cycling Club
  • Star City Association.
  • Association of Pensioners and Retirees.

All of them have their space in this building and are spread over the different floors of the property which are the following:

On the ground floor are the premises of the Group of Dances and Housewives, a local shared between both associations. As well as the Local Pensioners and Retirees, who in turn access the facilities of the Pensioner’s Home, a place of recreation for all the associates of the town.

On the first floor of the building, they are located: a multi-associative room, that is to say, a room where 6 local associations are located (Colla de Dimonis Emplomats, Hunting Club, Chess Club, Moors and Christians Festival Commission and Beneixama Soccer Team) consists of a room with a large meeting table and equipped for the managerial calls of these user associations.

In addition, next to the room described, we have youth facilities: Youth Room, where computers are located and used to teach courses, and Municipal Library, which has access to this building and where you can find all kinds of novels and editions, as well as a large number of reference books, as well as computers for internet consultation or the preparation of school works.

If we go to the second and last floor of the building we have access to a multipurpose room, in which courses of all kinds organized by associations and by the City Council are held, equipped with heating, a blackboard and room for about 15 students.
Next to it, the headquarters of the Gunta de Muntanya de Beneixama, where they have installed a climbing wall and where they outline the activities of the association, climbing, hiking, spelunking, and a long list of other activities.
In the adjoining room, the Beneixama Cycling Club has established its headquarters, with a small sample of what cycling has been like in our town.

This building is for the use and enjoyment of culture, therefore it requires both its tenants and visitors the utmost care and dedication of all facilities with which it has and above all that love the culture in all its variants above all .