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Hostel of “El Salze”



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Located in the district of the same name, to the west of Beneixama, located just 3 km from the town, linked to it, by the Villena Highway to Onteniente, or by the Camí dels Molins, which owes its name to the large number of the same ones that were concentrated in him, although all of them are already in disuse.

In winter, about 10 neighbors can be counted, although in summer the population multiplies, possibly reaching 50 inhabitants.

The construction of this shelter falls within the plans of the current municipal corporation to revitalize all our emblematic places, and this is undoubtedly for all of us. The hostel has been built in the facilities of the old schools of the district. In past years, they were attended by a large number of students, children of the inhabitants of the country houses and mills that surrounded him. Until before the performance, they had been preserved, but already losing their academic use, and only having a functionality in the festivity of San Vicente Ferrer, patron saint of Salze, and which unites a long tradition in Valencian culture.

The way to revitalize a place is to give it life, to give it a new meaning, and that is what is intended with the construction of this accommodation, becoming a tourist attraction and a way to stimulate the hamlet, avoiding the monotony that different seasons of the year happens.

The action carried out, consisted in cleaning up the structure, exposing the stone of some of its walls to give it a more rustic appearance, build a large home, in which in winter to light the fire. Toilets and showers were built, and a new wing that housed the kitchen was built, and the rooms (equipped with 16 bunk beds). In addition, it is equipped with electricity and running water.
The result was inaugurated in April 2005, coinciding with the feast of the Patron Saint.

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