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Albergue de la Talaeta





If the location of the previous shelter was in a Replana, it is located on a small promontory in the place known as “La Talaeta”

To access it, you can take the same road, CV 657, from Beneixama to Fontanars. Located at the foot of the mountain that gives its name to the site and in which is located the hermitage of San Isidro, which is venerated and made a pilgrimage in his honor coinciding with the Feast of the Saint in the month of May.

From this lodge you can go hiking through the different paths and paths that surround it, or on the contrary, you can ride by bicycle, because the road you access is a well-known route for cyclists in the area (you can see the route through the link of this page). This lodge has among its facilities: large kitchen, dining room, toilets, and rooms with 20 bunk beds available.

It has stunning views of the entire Beneixama Valley, being able to see all its breadth and neighboring towns.

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