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Rita’s Hostel





Located in a symbolic place for all the inhabitants of the town, in the Replana de Rita. It is adjacent to the term of Fontanars dels Aforins, practically in the limit of the Province of Alicante with Valencia. In a place of undoubted ecological value (near an area L.I.C.), which runs through various trails that can be easily traveled by the traveler, and have endemic species in the area.

The hostel is located in a deep of the “Replana”, you can reach it, either on foot through the PR-CV 52 Trail, or alternatively through the Carretera de Beneixama to Fontanars (CV 657).

Among the facilities has a dining room, toilets and rooms with capacity for 20 people. Place chosen by observers of the stars for their work, because it achieves a considerable reduction of the surrounding luminosity and you can enjoy an impressive sky, as well as being surrounded by nature.

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