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Ethnographic Museum

Located in the old laundry building, which is still used by some women in the village. Taking advantage of the facilities and creating new spaces for the conservation and exhibition of the different pieces that are exhibited in it.

This building, rehabilitated with the help of the Provincial Council of Alicante, completed and inaugurated in 2003, houses an extensive collection of tools, utensils, furniture, tools, books, all of them with a history and a background that show us the life of our ancestors more recent, but for many of us are great strangers.
All the items that are exposed, have been well donated, well loaned by the inhabitants of the locality for their exhibition in the municipal facilities.

In it we can find from kitchen utensils, textbooks, a marriage room, a bathtub, sewing machines, jars of oil, or a car “entendao”, various farming implements, stuffing machines, all tools that are used with the animals in the field, a trillo, and a long etc of everyday utensils of the life of our people.

If we focus on some of them we can discover how our most direct ancestors lived, to whom they dedicated their free time. Seeing the work tools, Beneixama has been an eminently agricultural town, which is why a large area of ​​the museum is dedicated to this work, being able to see those tools and containers of oil and wine for later commercialization.

One of the curiosities to emphasize, is the car that conserves the hood that in previous times served to protect the harvests and the people of the inclemencies of the time. In addition to preserving the original wheels manufactured in Beneixama itself, by one of the best-known companies of the moment.


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Museo Etnográfico