Nota informativa: Desde la Concejalía de Deportes se informa que se ha llevado a cabo el trabajo de tapizado de algunas máquinas del gimnasio municipal.

Desde la Concejalía de Deportes se informa: se ha llevado a cabo el trabajo de tapizado de algunas máquinas del gimnasio municipal. Trabajo sufragado por el M.I. AYUNTAMIENTO por un importe de 769.56€.

Nota informativa: Trabajos de reparación Auditorio.

Desde la Concejalía de Cultura se informa que se han llevado a cabo los trabajos de tratamiento antihumedad, reparación de paramentos afectados y pintado de camerinos, pasillos, aseos y salón principal del Auditorio Municipal. Trabajos sufragados por el M.I. Ayuntamiento por un importe de 4.840€.



Carnicería Enrique Rivas

Carnicería Enrique Rivas

Carnicería Enrique Rivas, has opened its doors to the public since 1983, since then it has been offering the public the best selection of the products we are dealing with.

It is a traditional trade with a wide selection of the best meat products retail, from veal, lamb, kid, poultry, pork, offal, hams, charcuterie of all kinds etc.

In the Enrique Rivas butchery we select the best raw materials in order to produce the best products.

The deal with our customers is always direct. We ADAPT TO YOU and your tastes. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers and this is only achieved by offering quality and service, in addition to always being open to their suggestions to improve in all aspects.

From its own elaboration, it deserves special mention the fresh and dry sausages (sausages, black onion and meat sausages, whites, Easter sausage, chistorra, sausages, sobrasada, etc), meat stuffing balls, chicken burgers and beef. All of them allow the customer to enjoy the authentic taste of traditional and artisanal products.

It has its own elaboration of the “Figatell de Beneixama”, this being one of its most demanded and consumed products both in the bars and restaurants of the town with bordering populations.

Quality and service have always been present in this establishment.

Contact information:

C/ José María Milán, 15 – 03460 Beneixama (Alicante)

Phone: 965 82 22 29